Use scientific collaborations to build
constructive international partnerships

Gijs is expert in food safety and food processing. He worked for the World Food Programm in Central Asia. He is joining the project Food sovereignty.

Catalina is fruits producer in Colombia. She studied Agroecology and explore the food system in the near area of Bogota. She is involved in two project: foos sovereignty and ferm exchange.

Marthe is trainer for energy producing in small villages in Westafrica. She founded the Ferdedsi, a network of initiatives to empower peoples through the self production of energy. She joins chitik for the project Energy, Water & Agriculture

Pierre is a specialist of transition villages in South America. He studied polytechnic engineering and stand for an open source digitalisation. He started the project Farm Exchange and will also help for the project Energy, Water & Agriculture

Mette is a researcher living in Dänemark and the Netherlands. She collected experience on Farmer Field School in Northern Europe and in Uganda. She is helping chitik within the project Farm Exchange.

Rudolf is an agricultural Engineer with expertise both in conservation agriculture and fermentation in food processing. He lives both in France and Germany and join bring is knowhow on ecological food system in our Energy, Water & Agriculture department.

Specialist in designing farm system with an holistic approach, Léonard is a farmer in Madagascar. He also works in Senegal and in France. He is connecting chitik and our partners through science and art.

Laurent is a nomadic shepherd in Germany and France. He funded the project to connect local production, taste and sustainablity. He is in charge of the coordination for all projects.

Our futur tool: an open social media.

Web platform including a praticipative research engine with collaborative translation.
You can also transform your profile into a professional webiste.

We stand for low energy use:
discussion without videos - slow travel - local servers - 2G version

Overview of the future plateform

Overview of the future plateform