An experimental network to connect skills and know-how is a tool to share your expertise and make it more efficient.

Experience and knowledge give access to empowerment and personal achievement. But it becomes more efficient when you share it with your acquaintances, worldwide.

About Chitik

Turns the will to share and exchange...

...into an actual means of exchange.

Chitik is inspired by today’s nomadic people and their way of freely exchanging goods and know-how among their communities by means of trust and friendship. Voluntary based, Chitik turns the will to share and exchange into an actual means of exchange.

“Chitik” means “an unconditional exchange with a friend” in Bantu, one of the languages of Mozambique. A good example of its meaning would be when a friend invites you for dinner and two months later you repay him with a share of your harvest of tomatoes as an unspoken due. The exchange of friendship is thus not a transaction rather each one makes like if he would offer a present. This is how trust is engendered among the members of Chitik.

If these values mean something to you, join us in building an international farming exchange network of knowledge, farms and land.